Veterinarian Created and Endorsed

Approved and Used by Vets Nationwide
With Kānuka Honey

Natural Pet Care

As Nature Intended
new zealand made

With Kānuka Honey

Locally Sourced Natural Ingredients

Worth Barking About


"HoneyVet has done wonders for my dogs. They were always itching and irritated. Now, they look beautiful and are happier than ever."

Katie S, NZ

"Love it so much I use this entire care routine for myself! It works better than the products I used to get in the supermarket. That's for sure."

Tracy D, Aus

"It's no secret that honey has amazing healing powers. This care package solved the problems I've been having with my pets for years. So happy I found HoneyVet."

Jarlene T, NZ

"Washed my two babies with Honeyvet yesterday and I am very impressed with it. In fact I would say the best I have used in 35 years of having fur babies. Their coat is lovely and soft and has a good sheen."

Nadine B, NZ
our mission
Pet Care as Nature Intended

HoneyVet was developed by two friends - one a veterinarian and the other with an extensive background in the New Zealand Honey industry.

Both saw a need to provide our animal friends with a much safer alternative to skin and coat care using nature's healing properties.

6 Reasons Why Pet Owners are Switching to HoneyVet

Supports Mood & Mental Wellbeing

Constant itchy dry skin is painful and stressful for animals. HoneyVet helps to relieve pet's irritation so they can return to being their normal happy selves.

Aids in Soothing Inflamed Skin

HoneyVet's hero ingredient, Kānuka Honey, has proven anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to clear up itchy areas and soothe the skin.

Veterinarian Approved

HoneyVet is used and approved by vets. Many say it's their favourite product they use to treat their animals.

Natural Ingredients

HoneyVet was made with ingredients from nature's medicine cabinet. This makes our products gentle and safe to use for all pets.

No Harsh Chemicals

Unlike most other pet products, HoneyVet doesn't include any harsh chemicals. Many owners even use HoneyVet on themselves!

Helps to Hydrate Coat & Add Natural Shine

Honey is a humectant, meaning it draws in moisture from the air and locks in moisture for ultra-nourishing hydration.


You've come to the right place! All of our products contain Kānuka Honey which is anti-inflammatory so will most definitely soothe your pet's irritated skin. We would recommend to patch test before using on the whole body, if you are uncertain. Still unsure? Check out our testimonials in each product page.

All HoneyVet products are safe to use on any animal and furry friend of yours!

Unlike most animal products, we only use natural ingredients with no added chemicals.

Our customers generally use HoneyVet for their dogs, cats, horses and even themselves!

We developed this product keeping in mind that our pet's skin should be treated with the same standard of high quality products that we would use on ourselves. Many of our customers use HoneyVet on themselves and they say they love it!

Not only does honey have so many amazing anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, it is also a humectant. A humectant is a substance that attracts and retains moisture, which we believe is very important for maintaining a healthy coat and skin.

Yes! All of our products are natural with no nasty additives so they are completely safe to use on any animal, from mouse to horse, big or small!

Kānuka Honey is anti-inflammatory while Manuka Honey is anti-bacterial.

We chose to use Kānuka Honey because of it's anti-inflammatory qualities, which have been proven to significantly reduce the appearance of redness and skin irritation.

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